Air Conditioning System Test Kit with Vacuum Pump CT3622 CT3793


AC Manifold Gauge Set
This Manifold Gauge Set is designed to test automotive air conditioning systems using R134A refrigerant only by comparing the high and low pressure readings using the vehicle A/C system specifications.
This Set can be used to test evacuate and fill automotive air conditioning systems
Colour coding on gauges valves and hoses to ensure correct installation
LOW - Blue Gauge - 0-220psi . Blue Hose - 1/4in. FFL x 50in.
HIGH - Red Gauge - 0-500psi. Red Hose - 1/4in. FFL x 50in.
Yellow Hose - 1/2in. ACME x 50in.
Large 70mm gauges with impact-resistant lenses. Gauge Accuracy + / -2 percent
Sight glass for viewing condition of refrigerant.
Quick-connect fittings. High pressure safety valve.
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump for Air Conditioning System Testing
Voltage - 230V / 50hz
Power - 1/4hp
Speed - 1440rpm
Inlet port - 1/4 SAE
Oil capacity - 200ml
Ultimate Vacuum - 10pa / 75ml
Dimensions - 249 x 121 x 230mm
A compact / low noise pump design prevents oil return.
Can be used in conjunction with System Test and Purge Kits CT3622 and CT3373.