Automotive TPMS Kit - 12pc


12pc Automotive TPMS Kit
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Kit

For vehicles with Tyre Pressure Monitoring
Systems with sensors attached inside the
tyre valve as fitted to Citroen / Peugeot
Renault and other makes.

Torque Wrench : 2 - 10Nm / 60teeth
Deep Sockets 11mm & 12mm
1/4in.Dr Star Bits : T10 | T15 | T20
1/4in.Dr T-Bar Driver
Torque Screwdriver : 0.4Nm
Flat Clip Panel Remover
3 Pins : 2mm diameter x 70mm long

CRV Sockets and Bits

This kit is provided to remove the valve sensor unit and dismantle or reassemble properly.
The mini torque wrench ensures the delicate valve components do not get over tightened.
This kit can also be used for any low torque fixings - like airbags and interior panels.