Battery Docter Pack


Battery Docter pack consisting of
1x Battery Filler jug 2 litre
1 x Battery Hydrometer
1 x Battery Terminal Cut off Switch
1 x Battery Terminal Puller
1 x Battery Terminal Cleaner
1 x Battery Terminal Clamps

Filler Jug
2 Litre Automotive Battery Filler
Battery Filler with Automatic Shut-Off to prevent over filling.
Keeps your battery cell at the correct level.
With double action fast flow valve tip that prevents after-drip.
Stops surface discharges caused by a wet battery.
Polyethylene container is safe to use with battery acid.
Battery Hydrometer
For the Hot or Cold testing of Lead Acid Batteries
Range 110SP Discharged to 1300SP Fully Charged
Battery Terminal Cut off Switch
Universal Car Battery Isolator Cut-Off Switch for Standard Round Post Batteries
Battery Terminal Puller
Battery Terminal and Wiper Arm Puller
Fits most terminal posts
Also suitable for windscreen wiper arms and some alternator bearings
Battery Termial Cleaner
Automotive Battery Terminal Cleaner
Fits all terminal posts
Battery terminal clamps
Battery Terminal Clamps / Saddle Type
Suitable for positive and negative battery posts