Cooling system Purge Kit with Vacuum Pump


Cooling System Vacuum Purge and Refill Kit
Dramatically reduces cooling system refill time without mess and without introducing air-locks.
No more time consuming cooling system bleeding and no more messy spills to clean up.
Simply plug into the workshop air line attach to the cooling system header tank and create a vacuum.
Complete the process by attaching the filler hose and opening the valve allowing your pre-mixed coolant to flow into the system.
Supplied with 3 adaptors.
90 psi Air Pressure
12cfm Air Consumption
900mm Fluid Hose Length
1/4 BSP Air Inlet
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump for Air Conditioning System Testing
Voltage - 230V / 50hz
Power - 1/4hp
Speed - 1440rpm
Inlet port - 1/4 SAE
Oil capacity - 200ml
Ultimate Vacuum - 10pa / 75ml
Dimensions - 249 x 121 x 230mm
A compact / low noise pump design prevents oil return.
Can be used in conjunction with System Test and Purge Kits CT3622 and CT3373.