Engine Cooling System Cleaning Machine WX-800 OD CT2389


This is one of the new generation of cooling system circulating cleaning machines. It is the most advanced antifreeze replacement technolgy currently available. Easy to operate will reduce working hours thereby improving efficency.

  • Good pacakged design makes it easy to move and operate
  • power souirce of the equipment is automotive power which makes it economival and relaiable
  • Improves the working environment of the engine
  • improves the engine life
  • The perpsex window shpws the rate and colour of the old and new liquid recovery
  • Real time level display
  • Add new fluid finction
  • Cycle cleaning function
  • Empty the old oil drum function
  • Empty the new oil drum function
  • Fill in over pressure protection function
  • Voltage DC 12V
    Maximum Power <85%
    Pressure guage 0-10kg
    Vacuum guage 0-30in Hg
    Noise <60db