Q: My machine won't start. I've put oil and fuel in the machine, but it still won't start. What can be done?

A: Place machine on a flat, level surface and check oil level. If oil level is low, fill to the point of overflow (until oil can be seen rising up the threads), following this replace oil cap and try the machine again. If it still won't start, please call our office and a member of staff will be glad to advise.

Q: I'm having a problem assembling my chainsaw and cannot get the chain break on the side of the machine.

A: Having the black handle facing away from you, place the white part of the chain break against yourself with a firm grip, and with the other hand on the black handle pull it strongly towards yourself, maintaining a firm hold until you hear and feel it click into place. The machine should then assemble easily.

Q: My generator is running well but there is no power output, what is causing this?

A: In this instance it is most likely that due to reasons such as overpowering of the generator, the AVR (which acts as a fuse) has been blown. This means that this part will need replacing, so in this instance please contact the office where a member of staff will happily assist you further and talk you through the part required and how to fit it.

Q: Why is my pull start so stiff and hard to pull?

A: Please contact the office as oil may have been put into the wrong part of the machine.

Q: Why isn't my water pump drawing water?

A: Water pumps need to be primed. After attaching hoses, placing them in water and starting the machine you will find a small black bung located on the top of the pump, undo aforementioned bung and fill with water until the machine is fully pumping. Replace the bung as the machine should now be primed and drawing water efficiently.