Flameless Mini Induction Heater CT5308


Uses Electro-Magnetic induction to heat small automotive metal parts or other machinery.
With a bright LED light to illuminate your work area.
The advantage of using this device is it is totally flameless, compared with traditional methods of heating, it is much safer and efficient, with no damage to other parts.
Lightweight and easy to use with no need for water cooling.
Mainly used for heating rusted, frozen or corrosive bolts, nuts and fasteners.
Also useful for suspension nuts, gears, pulleys and bearings.

Type Handheld
Input Voltage 220-240V
Rated Output Power 1000 W
Rated Current Consumption 4.5A
Coil Output Voltage/ Current 18V/50A
Dia 30mm Coil 2 pieces
Dia 40mm Coil 2 pieces
Dia 50mm Coil 2 pieces
Length 750mm cable for DIY coil 2 pieces
Portable toolbox 1 piece
Faster and Safer than traditional torch.