Gasoline Pile Driver 4 Stroke 120mm CT4343


Applications: Fencing, Star pickets, Posts, Stakes,Pipe driving
Engine Type: Single cylinder, air cooling, overhead camshaft four stroke
Fuel: Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.9L
Engine Displacement: 37.7cm� Max torque and speed:1.45N.m/5000r/min
Fuel Consumption Rate:= 0.5L/h
Impact Frequency: 700-1300b/min
Impact Energy: 20-55J
Maximum engine power: 1.0KW/9000/min
Maximum engine speed: 6500rpm
Starter system: Hand pull start
Accessories:Pilling sleeve 45mm, 80, 120mm each one
Boxed size L 805 x W 275 x H 360cm
packed into a blow moulded case for transportation and storage between use