Handy roller with 0.54ltr paint reservoir new ct3845

this handy paint roller has a built in paint reservior in the handle and will hold 0.54 of a Ltr of paint so there is no need to use a paint roller tray ever again simply fill the handle with paint pull the trigger on the handle to load the paint on to the roller head and then use as you would a normal roller and when you need to add more paint to the head just give the trigger another pull and paint away


Easy to clean and takes normal roller heads

Stainless Steel roller frame

will reach ceilings and high walls without the use of a ladder

supplied with a clip on splatter shield

also has a kick stand for temporary storage so as you can put the roller down but keep the head off the ground

  • paint reservoir of 0.54ltr
  • 3/8 Non-shed roller
  • stainless steel roller frame
  • holds paint in handle
  • no-tray painting eliminates spills