IG2000 Spark Generator


This is the biggest selling model in our suitcase range, and will give you maximum continual power of 1800 watts. This also comes as standard with a parallel connection socket which would allow you to connect two or more parallel configured Spark generators together. This feature would allow you to connect even miss-matched generators together, ideal for when you want to run high load devices that are only occasionally required. This feature is also ideal for automotive sport applications allowing you to power small compressors or pressure washers using machines which would normally be too small.
In typical caravan use this will be able to charge up your leisure battery your mobile phones and lap tops and most other tablet devices. This is the first machine in the range that will happily power your microwave and also the �good ladies� hair drier. It would also allow you to use travel kettles (put the tea on love!!) or travel irons (where�s my shirt!!) even at the most remote locations.
With this machine your caravan battery will charge in the same time as if connected to the hook up on site or at home, its the battery charger in you caravan that determines the recharge time, not the size of the generator. Also a quick tip, if you are looking to watch TV, use your leisure battery through the evening and re charge the battery in the day time. This way will be quieter during the evening hours and you will run the generator for fewer hours in the morning using less fuel and keeping the running hours low.
A full tank would normally last about 5 hours on a full load, but will typically run for 5 to 6 hours in normal use, the machine also comes with integral overload protection, so if you accidentally overload the machine it will automatically cut out, this ensures that you do accidentally damage any of the components but it is a fail-safe device and should not be relied on in day to day use. TAKE CARE and ensure you only connect loads suitable for this machine.
So this is the most popular machine in the digital range, it will run microwaves, or small 1600 watt kettles. It will not power up air conditioning units or compressors but it will happily power up the tyre warmers in motor sport activities.
If you have a power-cut at home the IG 2000 would be suitable to back up your fridge and freezer and provide the power to run the central heating and still have a little in reserve to provide some lighting as well. You need to make provision for how you would connect to your property in the event of a power cut. The only recommended method is to have a manual transfer switch fitted by a registered electrician. In this way the house can be isolated from the National Grid during the power cut allowing the generator to be safely used. When the power is restored simply switch back to the national grid and turn off and store the generator.
If you are using this IG2000 on a boat, this will run your main lights and also charge your battery, it will be useful in the galley to power the microwave or fridge and it will be able to provide power to your Victron or Sterling inverter unit allowing them to charge your batteries at up to 80 amps. Care needs to be taken while charging batteries to make sure you do not take extra power through your ring main which could lead to overloading of this machine. This generator will not run a washing machine, for that application you need to upgrade to an IG2600 or one of our larger machines
So overall our most popular machine seen by many people as the idea travelling companion in most caravanning , boating or motor sport activities. This machine will also provide a reasonable level of support for home use during power failures..
Always check the power requirements of the items you wish to run and never try to use more power than the unit is rated for.

  • Ready to use right out of the box.
  • All you have to do is fill it with fuel and oil and it is ready to go.
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Ergonomically designed and lightweight to make it easy and comfortable to carry. Extra wide filler cap for spill free refuelling.
  • Pure Power
  • Inverter Technology to provide stable, pure Sine Wave 240V output, safe for all of today’s electronic devices including sensitive equipment.
  • Efficiency
  • Smart throttle technology ensures that the engine will run to the lowest engine speed required for the power that you are using.
  • This adds to the fuel economy and reduces the noise during use.
  • Simplicity
  • Quick and simple starting and running. A low oil sensor will stop the generator running and prevent damage if the oil level falls too low.
  • Rubber feet provide a sturdy platform and minimise vibration.
  • Parallel Operation
  • Kipor suitcase generators come with a parallel connection as standard.
  • This allows you to join miss-matched sizes of generators together and allows you to run at 80% of the combined output of the two machines.
  • Model IG2000
    Rated frequency Hz 50
    Rated voltage(V) 230
    Rated current(A) 7.8
    Rated speed (r/min) 4500
    Rated output (kVA) 1.8
    Max. output (kVA) 2.0
    DC output 12V-5.0A
    Phase number Single
    Current breaker N/A
    Structure type Portable, silent
    Fuel capacity(L) 3.7
    Set fuel consumption(g/kW.h) 550
    Continous running time(hr)(rated output) 4.0
    Noise level(zero load-full load)dB(A)/7m 61-73
    Overall dimension& 65288;L×W×H&
    Net weight(kg) 22
    Starting system Recoil starter
    Fuel type Automotive unleaded gasoline
    Lube oil brand CD grade or SAE10W-40& 65292;15W-40
    Engine Type Single cylinder, four-stroke, OHC,vertical, air-cooled
    Bore×stroke mm 60×40
    Displacement ml 113.0
    Compression ratio 8.5 1
    Rated power[Kw(r/min)] 2.2/4500
    Ignition system T.C.I
    Spark plug CR7 HSA
    Lowest fuel consumption(g/kW.h) 420