The Pro X Range of generators are Kipor’s newest premium range of generators. The generators are purpose built to be durable, compact and easy to use. The Pro-X series is a result of KIPOR’s innovation to deliver what our customers are demanding.

They incorporate many of the features: strong power (controlled by voltage regulator), safe to operates, ergonomically designed, easy to service and maintain. They are built to withstand the rough on-site handling and are suitable for use in demanding environments, even under the most severe conditions.

The Pro X Range comes with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), which will enable the generator to start automatically in the event of a power outage.

All our Kipor generators come with a 12 Month parts and labour warranty, and we also have full UK spares back up and workshop facilities. The oil and oil filter will need to be changed every 250 hours.

Features and Benefits

· Good Cooling System:There is direct ventilation duct on the top of the generator with better ventilation performance. Meanwhile the radiator adopts 50 C heat exchange design, with large cooling power and good heat dissipation. This can reduce the inside temperature by about 8 C, so it can run more stable, even under extreme high temperature conditions.

· Safer Output:The output of the generator is controlled by a voltage regulator. This ensures that the output is constant, no matter what load is on the machine. This helps to protect your delicate electrical equipment.

· Warning Function:Oil-water seperator warning function is added in this series. When the water content and impurity of the oil are too high, this seperator can filter content and impurity automatically. When filtering to a certain content, the light on the panel with turn on to warn the customer to drain water content and impurity filter.

· User-friendly Design:The radiator filter cover adopts rotary plastic cover, which is easy to dismantle. The new generator has a rain proof cap on the exhaust pipe with better rain proof performance. The integrated bottom mounted fuel tank, greatly improves issues such as fuel leakage and waste fuel reservation.

· Ultra Silent Running:New silent design with unique noise reduction technology. The new door lock has pressing function, making the sealing strip fit the generator better.

· Convenient for Maintenance: There are maintenance and servicing accesses outside the sound enclosure. You only need to open one door to do all your checking and maintenance of the machine.

· Large Capacity Fuel Tank: The large capacity fuel tank at the bottom of the generator extends the running time to 14 hours. Compared with the previous generators, it can run another 4 hours, which ensures long time running.

Rated Frequeccy 50hz
Prime Power 30/30 kva
Stadby power 33/33 kva
Voltage 115/230 volts
Rated amps 261/130.4
Engine run speed 1500rpm
Power factor 1.0
Engine type 4 cylinder Diesel
Rated power 36.6kw
Engine fuel consumptoin rate 230 g/KW.h
Fuel tank 95 ltr
Noise level 72db @ 1mtr
Dimensions 2100mm x 980mm x 1200mm LXWXH
Weight 1136kg