Kipor ID6000 Invertor Technology Diesel Generator


Product Description
* Max. output power is 5.5kVA
* Low noise design, 62-69 dB(A)/7m
* Advanced inverter technology provides reliable
power to computers and other sensitive equipments
* Stylish and patented appearance design
* Two castors facilitate move
* It brings users more economy to utilize diesel as fuel

  • Stable Output
  • Application of inverter technology ensures a stable true sine-wave output with total harmonic distortion (THD) less than 1% and voltage and frequency fluctuation less than 1%. All sensitive and microprocessor controlled equipments (computers, medical devices, and scientific research instruments) and appliances with high surge currents such as air conditioners and compressors can be run easily and safely.
  • Compact Structure but High Power
  • Compact structure design results in a small size, light weight, low running noise, and high engine efficiency. Take the comparison of KIPOR’s inverter ID10 and conventional generator KDE 11SS as an example, their rated outputs are respectively 9.5kVA and 8.5kVA, but dimensions are 250*650*790 mm and 1570*780*1050 mm.
  • More Economy
  • Engine running speed varies as load changes prolonging engine service life. During the comparison between KIPOR’s inverters and conventional generators, data proves that fuel consumption is reduced by 40% after inverter technology is applied, bringing a large economic benefit to the user.
  • Optimized Alternator
  • A permanent magnet alternator eliminates excitation windings, carbon brushes, and the slip rings. The structure is much simpler with the stator bolted directly to the engine. The alternator size is much smaller but it achieves a 93% alternator efficiency. Reliability is higher, and it is free of radio interference and capable of working in high humidity and dusty environments, negating the possibility of spark ignited explosions.
  • Complete Protection
  • Low oil pressure, high water temperature, over voltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit, and wrong battery connection are monitored resulting in long, safe and reliable operation.
  • In addition, the enclosure is fire proof, smoke proof, and oil spill proof, fundamentally preventing accidents from happening.
  • Improvements
  • Larger muffler area means better heat dissipation. Installation position of the AC inverter module and separate cooling air into the exchanging space reduces heat as well. Meanwhile, separate air filter and air inlet areas allow more cooling air .
  • Utilization of handles, multi-direction castors with brakes, and larger wheels makes transportation easier and safer. (ID6000 only)
  • Model
    Rated frequency (Hz)
    50 60
    Rated output (kVA)
    Max. output (kVA)
    Rated voltage(V)
    115/230 120/240
    Rated current(A)
    43.5/21.7 41.7/20.8
    Rated speed (r/min)
    Motor type/Converter type
    Multipolar nd-fe-b permanent magnet/ IGBT digital frequency converter
    Loop type
    Single phase, three-loop
    Power factor (cos& 966;)
    Insulation grade
    Single-cylinder, vertical type, four-stroke, air-cooled, swirl chamber
    Bore×stroke (mm)
    Displacement (ml)
    Compression ratio
    19.6 1
    Rated power [Kw(r/min)]
    Coolant capacity (engine only)
    Lube system
    Pressure splashed
    Lube oil brand
    CD grade or SAE10W-30& 65292;15W-40
    Lube oil capacity (L)
    Starting system
    Electric starter
    Starter motor capacity (V-KW)
    Charge motor capacity (V-A)
    Battery capacity x No. (V-Ah)
    12V& 65293;36Ah
    Fuel type
    O (summer), 10
    Genset fuel consumption (g/KW.h)
    & 8804;340
    Noise level(no load--full load) (7m) dB(A)
    Structure type
    Overall dimension& 65288;L×W×H&
    Net weight (kg)