Maypole MP7423 3.8A Intelagent 12 volt smart battery charger


Maypole Intelagent 12 Volt smart charger

HEIGHT: 5.6cm
WIDTH: 13cm
LENGTH: 27cm
WEIGHT: 0.65kg

NOW comes with auxilliary charging leads
6 volt and 12 volt charging modes.
Fully automatic from diagnosis and recovery to charging and maintenance.
Fast and trickle charging modes.
Overload, reverse polarity and short circuit protection.
Easy to read multi function LCD display.
Battery level indicator.
Robust case (IP65) for dust and water protection.
Battery recovery charging/ Bad battery indication.
Insulated battery clips with 1.5m lead.
Pulse charging mode for battery recovery.
Maintenance cycle for improved battery performance.
These come with a set of crocodile clips as well as a set of cables that can be fitted permanently to the battery so as making it easier to connect.
We also sell these battery leads by them selves so as you can leave them connected to more than one battery