Multi Function Jump Start 14 v


14V Multi-function Travel Battery Pack
With LED Light and Smart Cable Function.
Suitable for Emergency Jump starting vehicles.
Also Charging Mobile Phones
Photographic Equipment and Tablet Pcs

  • With Smart table built-in function
  • Anti Short connect/on protection
  • Anti Over-discharge protection
  • Anti Reverse charge protection
  • Anti Reverse polarity protection
  • Anti High Temperature Start
  • Capacity 15000mAh
    Input 14V / 1A
    Output -
    USB 5V / 2.1A
    USB 5V / 1A
    19V / 3.5V
    12V Jump Start
    Charge Time 5hrs approx.
    Start Current 300A
    Peak Current 600A
    Size 189 x 80 x 37mm
    Weight 555g