Neilsen tie rod / ball joint / pitman arm tool kit




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tie rod / ball joint / pitman arm tool kit

strong and easy touse for any DIY or professional mechanic

For the seperating of ball joints, tie rods, pitman arms and other uses.
Six tools in one for exceptional versatility and value. Kit consists of three forks and two handles; one for hammering, the other for use with an air hammer (.401" shank). All forks are threaded to interchange with either handle.
Both handles fit all three forks.


• Tie-rod spreader with 1-1/16" wedge opening,
• Ball joint separator with 15/16" jaw opening,
• Pitman arm wedge with 1-1/8" opening,
• 7 1/2" handle for use with your regular hammer,
• 7'' handle with .401" shank for use with your air impact hammer