Rotovator - 7.0hp Petrol CT2067


7.0hp Petrol Rotovator
Engine Type : 4 stroke OHV
Displacement : 212cc
Rated Engine Power : 4.0kW / 3600/min
Cutting Depth : 100mm approx
Cutting Width : 620mm
Driving mode Gear
Suitable for greenhouses and dry land operation of -
crops / vegetable fields / orchards / gardens and mountainous areas.

Positive and negative rotation of one axis of plough blade -
hard land cultivation does not produce scour and the operation is more comfortable.

Operability of cultivated land -
stable and labour saving cultivation with good soil crushing effect.

Shift operation -
one lever for four gears / simple and convenient.

Single hand adjustment of handrail -
one handle can adjust the up and down
left and right positions of handrail which is simple and convenient.

Independent blade clutch -
the blade rotation can be controlled independently when turning
and walking which makes the transition safer.