TG 750 E Professional Electric Hedge Trimmer


Combines the best features of electric hedgetrimmers (quiet operation, light weight, manageability) with the typical performance of petrol-engine models. Incorporating a rotating handle and high-quality blade, it meets both the needs of discerning home users with tall hedges to trim, as well as the professional requirements of maintenance contractors.

  • Equipped with rotating handle (3 positions at 90° intervals) and tempered steel blade, ideal for heavy-duty use.
  • Steel reduction unit with gears mounted on roller bearings and featuring the innovative SYNCROSTOP system, which enables the blades to be stopped instantly.
  • Thermal cutout which protects the engine in the event of overload.
  • The laser cut, diamond ground blades are extremely strong and do not require sharpening.
  • Power/Voltage/Frequency 0,70 kW/230 V/50 Hz
    Blade type double
    Blade lenght 700 mm
    Blade pitch 30 mm
    Sound pressure/power level 86/94.9 dB(A)
    Lh/rh vibration level < 2.5 m/s²
    Weight 4.3 Kg