Trasmission Oil Filling Tool With Hand Pump 7l With 15 Adapters CT5639


suitable for filling of manual and automatic transmissions
• viscosity range: SAE0 to SAE140
• capacity: 80 cm³ per cycle
• tank capacity: 7L

• Includes the following 15 adaptors:
ATF-101 adaptor for Ford, 1/8" 27NPT
ATF-102 universal adaptor for BMW, Honda, Nissan etc.
ATF-103 adaptor for VW,Audi, Skoda
ATF-104 adaptor for VW, Audi, Porsche
ATF-105 adaptor for VW, Audi, MINI COOPER M10 x 1.0
ATF-106 adaptor for VW & Audi DSG, M24 x 1.5
ATF-107 adaptor for VW & Audi CVT, M22 x 1.5
ATF-108 adaptor for Mercedes-Benz 722.9, M12 x 1.0
ATF-109 adaptor for VW, Skoda M18X1.5
ATF-110 adaptor for VW, Audi, Skoda M30X1.5
ATF-111 universal flexible 300mm adaptor for Honda,Hyundai,Kia,etc.
ATF-112 adaptor for Volvo 5/16 - 24(UNF)
ATF-113 adaptor for Toyota, Lexus M18x1.5
ATF-114 adaptor for Nissan, Infinity M8X1.5
ATF-115 adaptor for VW, Passat